Getsvedjeberget is the perfect excursion for the whole

the family. When after about 800 meters of hiking in

intermittently hilly terrain reaches the top so it is

easily worth it.


Because it is undeniably a powerful feeling to stand there

at the top of the peak and see the Ulvöarna and Sveriges

highest island Mjältön in the west, the mighty Skuleberget

rock wall in the east, and far away in the southeast see

Högbonden's lighthouse sticks out on the horizon.


Once at the top, you must of course also immortalize it

his visit with a picture together with Höga Kustens

own pulpit. But be careful when you enter

the rock especially if it is wet.


På Skuleberget Havscamping finns tillgång till parkering och där börjar även vandringsleden. Parkeringen kostar 40kr och det bidrar till skötsel och utveckling av Getsvedjeberget. Då ingår även vattenpåfyllning, tillgång till toaletter samt sophantering. 

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